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Sutton 10K Route Map

The Christmas Party

Gill Fry

Date you joined Sutton Runners:
September 2007 I think?
Do you do any other sports?
An occasional game of tennis…which actually means I played twice a couple of years ago.
When did you start running?
2000 – I lived in Australia for three years and fitness is a massive part of their lives which eventually rubbed off on me. A friend convinced me to enter a race called City to Surf – I even had to get up at 5 to run before it got too hot, which to me is total dedication!
If an 8-year-old asked you why you ran, what would you say?
To run off the stresses of having to teach you all day.
Favourite race distance:
Probably ten miles but there is something quite special
about a marathon.
Favourite Event:
It has to be the London Marathon. The atmosphere,
scenery and buzz from the crowds makes all the weeks
of training worth it. Running over London Bridge reduces
me to tears – although last year just watching it made
me cry!
What motivates you?
Growing up I hated exercise and the only time you would
see me run would be for last orders at the bar. Nobody,
including myself, would ever have dreamed that one day
I would find a passion for running.
Favourite training session or route?
For me it has to be Richmond Park for the fantastic
scenery and normally quite good perving opportunities!
Favourite Food?
You can’t beat a roast dinner with all the trimmings –
and one day I may even have a go at cooking one.
Who / what inspires you?
My Granny – a very special person in my life who I adore.
Do you have any race rituals/superstitions?
No – maybe this is where I am going wrong!
If you had a time machine, where would you go and why?
I would go forward 40 years as I’m intrigued to know
what kind of old lady haircut I will have.
What do you have in your fridge right now?
I hate cooking so not a lot apart from mini eggs, vodka
and a large selection of sports drinks I seem to have
What’s the first thing you think about when you wake up
in the morning?
What do you do for a living?
Teacher in a primary school and before you say it, yes I
know we get a lot of holidays and I enjoy every single day
of them!
Any race tips:
Always wear waterproof mascara – panda eyes are so
not a good look.
Best race / Proudest achievement?
My third London Marathon – knocking an hour and a half
off my previous time was an amazing feeling.
Worst race?
Tadworth Ten – as much as I love hills, doing that one
twice is not what I call fun.
5 things people wouldn’t know about me
1 – I’ve been ‘wild in the aisles’ with Dale Winton on
Supermarket Sweep
2 – I’m a member of the Home and Away fan club
3 – I can’t burp
4 – Ken Barlow is my now, not so secret older man crush
5 – My family all call me Betty
Hopes for the future?
To stop being late for everything and that one day I will
learn when it is a good idea to stop drinking.
10k: 48.48 10m 1:22 half marathon 1:51
marathon 4:17

Cross Country Season 2010

So far it had been a superb performance from the men in Division 4 of the 2XU Cross Country League. 25 male runners took part at Nork Park which I am pretty sure is a club record, we had 1st and 2nd place overall and our top 10 runners were all in the top 20. This season we have joined forces with Sutton and District AC so that their adult runners can take part in the adult races for Sutton Runners and our junior runners (Billy Challis) can run for S&D. With this strength in depth not surprisingly our men’s team came 1st overall with a huge margin over the 2nd placed team. At Richmond Park our ladies team all did very well despite missing a few regulars and finished an excellent 10th of the 37 teams that took part.

Despite travelling to one of the furthest points in Surrey on a very cold afternoon, Sutton Runners took 13 men and won their Division 4 Match again and have a very healthy lead at the top of the table after 3 events.

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Sutton Runners Christmas Party 2009 – The Treasury

On 12th December, 62 Sutton Runners took off their running shoes and got dressed up for a three course meal, plenty of wine and some dancing at The Treasury in Sutton high street.

It was a great evening out and the food was pretty damn good for the price (£11.99!) A lovely way for the runners to get together and chat to other members they might not usually get to talk to in other groups.

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