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Club Championship

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sutton runners club championships

The Sutton Runners Club Championships had always taken place over a 10 mile route – not always the same race. However we felt this did not allow for some of our newer members to participate due to the distance. It was therefore decided this year that our new Club Championship event will be held at the Ranelagh Richmond 10k which fits into our vision of making the event accessible to all.
The Ranelagh Richmond 10k is also part of the Surrey Road League events and therefore some members will be able to use this event not only for the Club Championships but as one of their individual scores for the Road League.

Vicky Foad – Ladies Club Champion 2011

Martin Giles – Mens Club Champion 2011

This is an annual club event which culminates near the end of each season and always draws a big attendance from club members. The 2009 event was the biggest attendance to date with over 57 members taking part in the Cabbage Patch 10.


Results for 2011

Club Prize
Martin Giles 00:35:02 19th Mens Club Champion
Luis Gomez 00:36:31 42nd 1st MV40
Chris Catt 00:37:48 60th 2nd Senior Male
Martin Newton 00:38:08 65th 2nd MV40
Tim McIntyre 00:38:49 72nd 1st MV50
Damien Hersey 00:39:37 87th 3rd Senior Male
Earl Tulloch 00:41:01 121st 3rd MV40
Stewart Stanton 00:41:26 125th
Graham Miller 00:41:49 137th
Scott Bartley 00:42:30 154th
Vicky Foad 00:43:30 177th Ladies Club Champion
Martin Hunt 00:44:21 197th
Gina Burbidge 00:44:35 203rd 1st LV35
Lauren Jones 00:44:46 207th 2nd Senior Lady
Bryan Park 00:44:52 211th
Jenny Sinfield 00:45:02 219th 2nd LV35
Philip Graham-Clare 00:45:05 220th 2nd MV50
Jim Mundy 00:45:19 227th 3rd MV50
Andrea Francis 00:46:06 250th 3rd Senior Lady
Barry Walden 00:46:50 267th
Tony Gallagher 00:47:20 276th
Aeron Smith 00:47:49 290th
Avi Shirodar 00:47:49 291st
Gill Fry 00:47:52 293rd 3rd LV35
Penny Wilkins 00:47:55 295th 1st LV45
Mark Asten 00:48:47 322nd
Jenny Hersey 00:50:11 357th
Mark Aldred 00:50:20 361st
John James 00:50:25 363rd
Marion Stanton 00:51:24 386th 2nd LV45
Lynn Hickey 00:52:53 417th 3rd LV45
Kathryn Chisholm 00:53:26 433rd
Ali Hyde-Blake 00:53:30 434th
Anthony Bannister 00:54:39 452nd
Sarah Jane Lumley 00:54:40 453rd
Nicola Button 00:55:38 472nd
Donna Richards 00:56:24 487th
Clare Edwards 00:56:43 497th
Sandra Oreilly 00:57:15 506th
Kaye Benjamin 00:57:19 507th
Tina Russell 00:59:25 533rd
Jacqui Medley 00:59:30 534th
Susan McIntyre 00:59:37 536th
Emilia Freegard 01:05:11 585th

The Elmbridge 10km provided not only the location, but a new shorter distance, for our club championship of 2011. Sutton Runners provided the largest number of runners from any one club in the race. We had no less than 44 members battling it out in various categories but on the day, Vicky Foad and Martin Giles became the club champions of 2011. They received their trophies at a very well attended evening session.

some of our other winners

Men’s Veteran 50 Champion – Tim McIntyre

Ladies Veteran 45 Champion – Penny Wilkins