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Sutton Running Club is based at the David Weir Leisure Centre in Carshalton, We are a friendly club, affiliated to UK athletics and cater for runners of all abilities who want to run on the road or cross country for competition or pleasure.

Wimbledon RelayTuesday nights are our quality nights, so after a good warm up there will either be a hill session, fartlek training or road reps concentrating on strength or speed endurance. All sessions are supervised by our team of 5 coaches and are for runners of all standards, not just the elite!

The Thursday runs tend to be around 5-6 miles with various groups running between 6-10 minute miling. These runs can either be run at a tempo or steady pace. Experienced Club members will ensure that newcomers are warmly welcomed and will be matched to a group of their own ability. Good companionship in running is the aim of the Club.

The sessions are split into two main groups dependant on your ability and we cater from beginners to experienced runners. Anyone on the borderline between two groups is free to make their own decision over which group they would like to be in.

At Weekends we meet and run various routes with our training groups. Sunday is usually a long run of 10 miles and meeting points are published in advance.

From May to August the Club organizes a Handicap series held each month around a 5K (3.1 mile) loop. This event creates a great sense of friendly rivalry within the Club; it is also very useful for monitoring how the summer training is progressing. A trophy is presented to the overall winner at the A.G.M.

As an additional option, there is also a session organised on Monday evenings utilising the track at the David Weir Leisure Centre (DWLC). This session is open to all Sutton Runners Club members and also members of other local running clubs. The session starts at 18:00 (*subject to change). Please be aware you have to pay a track charge as this is not covered by our Club Membership fees.

Why join a running club?

Aside from the benefits of joining – in the form of reduced fees for race entry – being a club member allows you to make the psychological shift so that you can now call yourself a ‘runner’, rather than just ‘someone who runs’.
Ok, not everyone can be a winner, and not everyone even wants to compete, but even the least victory-hungry among us can find a competitive urge brought about by running with others. Running as part of a group, you’ll find yourself setting little targets, even if it’s just to make sure you beat that annoying guy that sped past you weeks before when you had only just joined. Running with others will likely bring a little competitiveness to your running, and this will lead to greater improvement than might otherwise have been the case.

Support and Safety

One of the pleasures of running can be the solitude of running alone, but it’s also great to add variety and get involved with other runners as part of a group run. Club members also meet up outside of club sessions, so joining a club can be a great way to find a running partner, perhaps even someone who is training for the same event as you. The support of runners can be useful on those long runs, particularly when the going gets tough or your motivation is starting to waiver. Running with others also provides the bonus of being far safer.